Nutritionist in Clapham

nutritionist in claphamThe Front Line of Nutrition provides nutritional therapy and dietary services to Clapham and the surrounding areas. If you need the services of an expert nutritionist then contact Steve today to book a consultation.

The number of overweight and obese people is on the rise. This should make us think about our eating habits and about all those times when we’ve promised ourselves we were going to start that diet on Monday. As there’s always a next Monday coming, it’s easy to understand why our fitness plans fail so often. Besides, failed diets contribute to making us even more prone to storing fat instead of using the calories to generate energy for our daily activities.

Most of the winners at the weight loss game are people who have understood the role of a dietary expert in this process. As each of us in unique, we need to find our own customized diet and lifestyle to help us get fit and stay in shape.

A nutritionist is never going to recommend you a diet before seeing your blood tests results. Based on your own metabolism and on the needs of your body, this specialist can craft a custom diet to help you lose weight the healthy way, without depriving yourself from the nutrients your body needs. This is actually the difference between a random fad diet and a diet that’s customized for you. When your body gets everything it needs from the diet, you won’t be tempted to revert to your old eating habits. This will enable you to maintain the results for a very long time. In case of fad diets, you are required to give up a certain food category such as carbs or fats. When you eat only protein for a very long time, your body doesn’t get its needed balance of all nutrients, so you’ll start developing vitamin deficiencies and other health problems. Even if your body is strong enough to cope with the tough diet, the time will come when you’ll start eating normally again. From that moment on, you’ll start gaining back your lost weight, and perhaps some on top of it. A certified nutritionist will never allow this to happen.

As insulin appears to be the main culprit in gaining weight and not being able to get rid of it, it comes without saying that you need to control this hormone and its blood levels. You won’t be able to do this without a nutritional therapist to show you how these things work and how to make sure you prevent the harmful insulin spikes. Nutritionists know that the more you experience such hormonal imbalances, the more your body develops resistance to insulin. This means that all calories you eat are rather transformed in fat and stored in those nasty fat deposits around your waist, on your belly and on your thighs. Your body enters a chronic deprivation mode, so it tends to make deposits to serve you later on. You’ll still have energy for your daily goals, but you’ll take it from your muscle mass, and not from the burning of the fat.

In conclusion, by co-operating with a nutrition expert, you can gain a better understanding of the processes that occur in your body. You’ll learn how to choose and combine your foods and how to spread your meals across the day, in order to avoid insulin spikes. By eating only when your body needs energy, you’ll be able to boost your metabolism. This will lead to more effective fat burning, so you may actually lose weight despite the fact that you eat all the foods you want, without any restriction. We offer nutritional services based in Clapham and South West London.

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