The secrets to success of weight loss

With the changing of the clocks we creep into spring and summer and the New Year’s resolutions are a distant memory. Your best intent to “diet” or go to the gym more often have been taken over by more pressing engagements and you have not seen the kind of changes in your body shape that you dreamed of in January. Why has this happened? You were so full of desire and intent just a few short months ago, but you failed to keep in mind the true secrets to success with weight loss. Here are the biggest mistakes you made.

Not having enduring self discipline

To achieve any goal in life you have to have a burning desire to achieve it and the self discipline to see that goal through to fruition. Discipline to eat the right foods at each meal and snack, discipline to eat breakfast every day, discipline to turn down the invitation to go out on the piss with your mates or go out to dinner again. This discipline can also manifest as getting yourself in to the gym to do that workout when you are tired or not feeling fully up for it.

Set yourself goals and have the self-discipline to see them through – no one else is going to do it for you. 

Not having the motivation

It’s always a good idea to have some source of external motivation such as having a friend or partner who will do a diet or exercise plan with you; it’s a good idea to hire a personal trainer who will push you in the gym, join a bootcamp or hire a nutritionist who will give some accountability to make the right food choices. However you must have some internal motivation to actually want to change your situation, your body shape or your health. Once you have your mind set on what you want to achieve it’s a lot easier to commit to the eating and exercise plan that will be required for you to lose weight.

Use both internal and external motivation to achieve your goals.

Taking the easy way out

It’s always simple to take the easy way out. It easier to order a take away than make steak and roast vegetables; it’s easier to hit the snooze button 3 times than it is to get up 20 minutes early to make a nutritious breakfast and it’s easier to stay at home when it’s raining outside and not go for that run in the park. But this easy way out is a sure fire way to failure in all that you do, not just when it comes to weight loss. Take the hard way of doing things.

Success takes effort and hard work and you won’t be successful with weight loss unless you put the effort in.

Planning and preparation

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail, it’s that simple. If you don’t prepare your food for the day then you will be left with no other option than to buy a crappy sandwich from a high street store. Similarly if you don’t have the right food in the fridge you will make the wrong choices. If you don’t plan your day so you can get that workout in before lunch or before work then you will not burn calories or build muscles which are essential for weight loss.

Prepare your food on a daily and weekly basis and plan when you are going to fit your workouts in – stick to it. 

The right food choices

Only after you have implemented the preceding tips will making the right food choices truly count. Once you have discipline and motivation, once you take the time to make the harder choices and when you plan and prepare your schedule will making the right food choices become easy. What we know is that different diets work for different people, so essentially any way of healthier eating will help you lose weight once you have discipline and motivation and preparation to stick to it. However if you bear in mind that eating slightly less calories and less starchy carbs will also help you lose weight. London nutritionist Steve Hines can help you make the right food choices.

Make the right food choices – anything that nature made is healthy, anything that man made is not

Supplements where necessary

Taking the right supplements can speed up your weight loss and improve your nutrition. However don’t fall for the bullshit you see in the magazines such as rapid fat loss pills and thermogenics. We know from scientific studies that omega 3, vitamin D, carnitine and green tea extract are good for weight loss. Stick with these basic and you will get it right 90% of the time.

Omega 3, vitamin D, carnitine, green tea extract.


Some people lose weight quickly, it just falls off. Others need much more time – we are all biochemically unique and lose weight differently. True success for your weight loss depends upon doing these tips often and doing them over the course of a long time. In fact these tips should become lifestyle habits. Just look at people who are successful in other areas of life, they are successful because they make habits consistent with success. Doing these things consistently will bring you success in your weight loss.

Do things which bring you success consistently.

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