Digestive problems

Tummy problems such as IBS are on the rise. If you go to your GP with a tummy problem you may be diagnosed with IBS and sent home with some painkillers and a FODMAP diet hand out.

However, there are many different things that can be causing your tummy pain. You may have IBS as categorise by the Roman 3 criteria and need a specific IBS nutrition plan, but you may be suffering from a number of other issues that could be classified as IBS. You may have food allergies or intolerances creating tummy pain, or you could have coeliac disease – where you can longer eat wheat-based products. You could have Gastro oesophageal reflux’s syndrome or heart burn. You could be suffering from an inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis.

At the front line of nutrition we will delve deeper into what is actually causing your tummy problem. In our initial session and from the paper work you fill out as well as some tests that might need to be ordered I will be able to assess the state of your digestion, how well you are digesting, breaking down and absorbing your food. I can look for signs of inflammation in your tummy, or the balance of friendly bacteria in your tummy. Lastly I can establish if you have what’s known as intestinal permeability or a leaky gut.

London nutritionist | Irritable bowel syndromeArmed with this information I can put together a five R recovery program to manage your tummy pain. This means removing the foods and other irritants from your tummy, replacing food and nutrients that you need to eat to re-inoculating your tummy with good bacteria and repair your tummy lining. Ultimately I can help you rebalance your diet and lifestyle so that you can keep these problems under control.

London nutritionist Steve Hines is experienced in helping people resolve tummy issues such as IBS. It’s best for the nutritional therapist to work with your GP and gastroenterologist so make sure you inform them that you are making dietary changes. Once you have made the dietary changes advised you should start to see an improvement in your tummy pain.


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