Improve male fertility

Improving sperm quality is the number one objective. Men should have healthy testosterone levels and get plenty of zinc and vitamin C in the diet. The best sources of zinc are meat and vitamin C comes from vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, peppers as well as oranges. Men should also avoid the chemical parabens found in many personal products as they decrease testosterone, lower sperm count and shrink the testicles.

Some new research from The Cocharne Database suggests that consuming antioxidants boosts male fertility. It is believed that anywhere from 30-80% of males fertility problems arise from free radical damage to sperm. This systematic review (the gold standard of medical research) found that women were more likely to have a successful birth if their partners were taking antioxidants or vitamins (which protect the sperm from free radical damage). This is just one example of why we should be taking vitamins in supplemental form.

Remember you need to put this advice into practice for 3-4 months before attempting to conceive or your efforts could be wasted. Also remember to exercise more, consume less alcohol and lose some weight and you will be on the road to the family of your dreams. London nutritionist Steve Hines can help improve male fertility through nutritional therapy.

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