“REVEALED: The Shocking Truth About FAD DIETS, Counting Calories and What The “Experts” Tell You About Nutrition And How This Can be Sabotaging Your Waistline and Your Health

In my BRAND NEW 12 week nutrition coaching programme you are guided and supported to implement easy and manageable changes to your lifestyle, with no fad diets and no pots of pills so that you get the shape you’ve always dreamed up




*I’ll teach you how to set SMART goals that are realistic and achievable and mean you will actually see changes in your body that you are elated with

*I’ll conduct a thorough clinical exam where I will do an assessment of your past medical history, the quality of your hair, nails and skin; test your smell, taste, reflexes and sensation

*I’ll perform regular BMI, waist circumference, hip circumference, waist to hip ratio and body fat % measurements to chart your progress.

*I’ll do a comprehensive assessment of your diet diary looking at your intake of protein, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients and design a nutrition plan unique to you

*Once I’m armed with your goals, your stats, your medical history and all your nutrition information I’ll design you and individually tailored nutrition and supplement plan that fits into your daily routine so you never need to stress about what you should eat again

*I’ll teach you powerful coaching methods to instill behaviour change that will get you the results you are truly after

*You’ll have regular follow up appointments every 2 weeks to assess how you are getting on, take re-measurements and set you new tasks to work towards your goals so you are guaranteed to get amazing results

You’ll also learn:

>>The disturbing facts that reveal why dieting causes you to store MORE fat (this is why most people give them up) and how to set an eating you can STICK TO!

>>The RAW truth about why eating less and exercising more is not quite what it seems and what to do instead…

>>How a 45 year old mother of two (who has a full time job) managed to drop a dress size, 2kg on the scales and 2 inches on her tummy in the first month of my Nutrition For Fat Loss Programme

>>Why you’ll NEVER get a flat tummy UNLESS you do this one, surprisingly powerful and incredibly simple thing

>>How to lose inches off your waist and hips and tone ALL your problem areas (no matter what you’re tried before) so that you look and feel lighter, leaner and sexier

>>3 SECRET ‘mind set tricks’ to stick to your eating plan…even when your eating out or on holiday…

>>The EXACT, step-by-step nutrition plan I have used to help hundreds of women (JUST LIKE YOU) get in the best shape of their life

>>The most successful meal plans you can eat to get rid of embarrassing cellulite and saddlebags for good

Eating the right foods and avoiding the junk will allow you to:

*Wear sleeveless tops and dresses without feeling self conscious about your baggy bingo wings

*Get rid of those back boobs and dream of confidently wearing that bikini or swimsuit for your upcoming holiday

*And finally slay the muffin top so that you no longer have to cover up your flabby tummy with boring and baggy clothes

I consult from Wandsworth Physiotherapy, 535 Old York Road, London, SW18 1TG or do home visits in the Wandsworth area.

Download your intake forms here:


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